Anyone get chemotherapy-induced pink eye?

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I seem to have developed a case of pink eye. The Taxotere website lists this as a side effect. Did anyone here develop this? Any remedies that worked? I have heard that it helps to put a damp bag of green tea on the eye. Any other ideas? Thanks!



  • Aortus
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    Pink eye - partially hydration issue?
    I think it may be at least partially a hydration issue. I suffered pink eye for years due to a corneal abrasion (warm, damp anything on the eye proved helpful), and thought my doc was nuts when he asked whether I was staying hydrated. I hydrated, and it helped some. Or maybe I was too busy using the bathroom to notice my eye hurt.

    The Moopster has experienced dry eyes a couple of times over the last week or so, but reaches for the water bottle when it happens. I sure hope this is all it is, and not a side effect!

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    Pink Ribbon Eyes
    I have chronic pink eye, I have it right now, and as I was in DC last week, and it is contagious~ no doubt I touched some handrail you had touched! Now if we only can figure out who infected whom! LOL

    I have gone to the Dr ( previously, not this time) and was told that the yukky discharge is actually "nature's" way of getting rid of the infection, no meds needed. I use Similisan OTC allergy relief eyedrops, and yes, I have indeed used tea bags~ and not just green either. The tannin in regular old works just as well.

    We don't actually call it Pink Eye anymore...or are you calling it that as it may be BC related??? I like calling it conjunctvitis much better! :-)

    I hope you feel better...mine only lasts a day or two at most. What I experienced even more during chemo was a constant watering of my eyes! And with no eyelashes, it was a mess! On the times I tried wearing eye makeup, it ran down my ghostly white cheeks and made me look like a very scary old raccoon! Great mental picture, I know! Cancer isn't for wimps, that's for sure!!!