red itchy breast/4 year survivor

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Hello, I am a 4 year survivor breast cancer stage 2; Recently the effected breast has become itchy with little scabs and feels flushed at times. Not all the time. Skin is not the same, but thought that this could be related to the radiation. Any thoughts?


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    It could be many things. It
    It could be many things. It might be dry skin. Does it feel like it may be dry skin? Try putting some eucerin lotion on it. Have you spoken to your doctor? Hugs, Lili
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    Give your doctor a call....
    That's what they are for!!! Easier than going crazy worrying.

    Chances are, it's nothing. I had a trouble with my 'special', itchy...turned out it was a form of lymphodema caused by me doing something that I should not have with the arm on that side...just in case, my doctor gave me antibiotics, but it seemed to go away just fine.

    Hugs, Kathi