I need some advise

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I am 25 year old my wbc is 18,300 and it worries me a lot .. i lost weight ...appite...and my heir fall out ... also now i see i have rash on my skin... can some one pleas tell me that i don't have Leukemia...I can really need a friend to talk to thank you



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    Not alone
    Dear Diana,

    I see no one has sent you a reply so I thought I would. I would LOVE to tell you waht exactly is wrong with you healthwise, but I can't. I am not in the medical profession in any way, just a survivor of Leukemia (AML). In Nov of 1999, I was given the dx of Leukemia at the age of 27. I had a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor in July of 2001. I have been 100% Cancer free ever since.
    I am not sure exactly what you have done medically, but I wanted you to know that there was someone out if you ever wanna chat. HUGS and Prayers, Missy
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    Hi Diana I have gone through it sounds like the same I had a stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor bout 3 years ago. I am now cancer free. So if you ever need to talk drop a line.
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    Diana, I don't want to worry you but I really hope you have gone to see a doctor by now. The issues you have mentioned sound fairly serious, and you need to seek medical care ASAP. I'd be happy to chat later, but please see someone about your conditions.
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    hello Diana . I don't have lukemia but my causin has. he didn't show any special sign but suddenly docters told him that he gets the disease.I want you to see an oncologist inorder to become sure about your disease.it is possible that these signs are for other disease.lke some of cat disease.if you keep cat in your home .after checking please mak me aware of your disease.if you have lukemia I will tell you what to do.
    be happy .your friend niloufar.