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suvived lung cancer in remission and now have bone cancer thoought i had a torn ligemant which some times you do but no not me bone cancer i just found out on monday of this past week,the day before my 56 birthday the day of my birthday was tatoo time forme not going thru this is a nervous ness for me . the president was sworn in great its exicting for me . really it is how can you go from one mood to the other the on;y person whom was with me was my 13 year old grandson,which he is devestated .cant say as i can blame him ive raised him since he was 15 months old . ive made up my mind to get over this as i did with the lung cancer at least get in remission. so does anyone feel down and out and will it go away i have to keep up my faith as thats whats getting me by besides all the prayers people have for me.its wonderfull.radiation now but the chemo had me not knowing what to do or expect its an up and down . if it wasnt for my girlfriends helping me i just dont know as they are like my sisters and not my friends / they make sure i eat while my austin is at school.other wise i most likely wouldnt now tom ill have my rad at 315 thats the time we have set and blessings are here as i only have to take 10 mtreatments this was the longest appt today to make sure i was in place.then the drs next week along with the nurses to make sure i know what to expect and if im doing what i should . i should have realized that something was wrong when i couldnt leave the wheel chair after my mri.this is in th pelvic area .so far so good right i feel like theres more in my body i have to have a bone scan now here in a day or so . they got me in to start treatments right away. so im real lucky there .so does anyone know of anyone whom woould like to talk about all this id be happy to speak to anyone whom feels the same and here is my home email address and also at yahoo messenger barb_stine_53@yahoo.comthank you i feel greta right now .