anyone know puritan's pride vits

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hi. i got a vit. mag. from puritan's pride. they're pretty cheap. i was wondering if anyone has heard of this company. they have a ton of stuff and i seen the other day that some were talking about herbs and vits. just wondering. deedee


  • mmontero38
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    I haven't had experience
    I haven't had experience with Puritan's pride Dee, but I do take a multi-vitamin, 1000 iu of Vit D, and 1200 mg calcium daily. Hugs, Lili
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    Hi Dee Dee, no I've never
    Hi Dee Dee, no I've never heard of them, but I'm in Canada. I find it best to use a manufacturer that I trust. Even then you can't guarantee purity. You could try researching them on the internet. See if there are any complaints or recalls.
    Good luck