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i went yesterday to onco and rad drs, both said as far as breast cancer everything looks good. but my body aches. where they took the pacemaker out on left side,(same side as cancer) they left the wires in , i told them that side really hurts. i just had a digital mamm last week but only on the right side. why didnt they check both sides. also i have ostoperosis and have been wheezing and coughing up alil stuff. a spot in the back hurts next to the spine they said it probably was the osto. anyway today i seen my reg dr and she listened to my lungs and said it sounded like i have a little broncitis. all i know is it hurts. my heart rate is going into the 40's so see pacemaker dr on tues. everytime i get one thing lookin good another hill. geewhiz. i take arimidex could this be some of the pain? i wish these drs would take things more seriously. i take cal with d and fish oil, flax, beta glucan and coq10. ughhh....... boy is it cold here in ind. 5 degrees. l.a. temps sound good. lol thanks deedee .


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    Deedeehave th doctors take

    have the doctors take a ct scan with the die, I had the same things and it turned out to be blood clots in the lungs (all under control now) but at first they told me it was bronchitis. I also take arimidex and in reasing, one of the side effects is that it could cause blood clots. Plase insist with your doctor on the ct scan , once they got mine under control I started feeling better.

    Good luck and keep me posted