Tootsie.....When do you speak to the crowd....

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We want to hear how it comes out. I believe if Im right its the 15th that you speak to a crowd about this ? It may be the 12th...Keep us posted on how it goes, you'll do great...We're all cheering for ya........God Bless ya.........


  • tootsie1
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    The 15th
    Thank you, dear. It's on the 15th. I'm normally very comfortable (some might say "Hammy" about speaking publicly, but this is a whole different thing. I think all the feelings of gratitude and relief and joy at being alive, plus a touch of "what the heck just happened to me?" might overwhelm me with tears somewhat. I want to do a good job. I'll let y'all know Thursday night after I get home.

    Thanks for asking!