Surgery date confirmed

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Hi ladies, my doctor in the US was able to read all the PET/CT etc. Recurrence is confirmed in the liver, kidney and spleen. None of these seem to be SOL (space occupying lesion?) and only on the surface. He will do a laparodomy and debulking surgery and remove these, (he uses his argon laser tool for ablation I believe) and I will go back on chemo therapy. I am so glad to have a plan of action in place.

I had some very strange stress related symptoms over the week end and realized that I have been waiting since the end of November when I got the PET/CT results back from my Japanese lab, to get a plan in place. The wait has been a bit stressful, and meanwhile the CA125 has been rising of-course.

I will not have good computer access while in the States, unfortunately but will check in when I can.

in japan

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