Remember HAL from 2001, a Space Odyssey??

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My computer is very ill~ not quite in need of Hospice, but very tired, slow, and oh so cranky!! I can have what I think is a perfectly reasonable "dialog", and fill in all of the blank spaces on the screen with witty words and even a few wise ones. You would think my trusty HP would be pleased to be the owner of so many words~ including having the ability to share these words with untold millions. (ok, maybe untold dozens!)

But no...more often than not, as soon as I finish typing, and am ready to hit send, or preview, or post, this mean-spirited, controlling machine either hibernates, deletes, or simply freezes!

I just want to say I have been enjoying reading all of your posts. I am not at all surprised to see "certain names" posting, and that what they say in response to the newer kindred spirits is so educated and loving. Thank you for that; I can truly see how much you all positively touch lives.

To the new sisters in here,( and the amazing nurturing men and children who are so desperate to do the right thing ) I simply want to say Thank You for being a part of this incredible family.

I hope to be one of the regular contributors to these boards again soon~ if my laptop gets well soon!

I just wanted to check in, say Hello, and let you know how much I love you all!



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    Aww shucks Claud what are
    Aww shucks Claud what are you ever doing to that lap top of yours. LOL Maybe it needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We try to oblige in the postings since we haven't seen any of yours lately. And, I have to say I've missed reading yours and Joyce's. I wish I could say that we didn't have as many new sisters, brothers and children joining us but you know that the beast is not discriminating. So we welcome them all with open arms and hope that our experiences and wisdom may guide them to a much easier path. I'm glad you are doing well and I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings you much health and peace. I love you too. Hugs, Lili
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    Hey, Claudia
    I missed you. Too bad you aren't in this area because my husband could fix that computer for you. He has a computer repair shop. Did you check it for a virus? A lot of time that is the problem.
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    Make sure to copy text before hitting Post....
    I now do that all the machine gets stuck, and I have just lost all I've written...

    Just select all of the text in the Comment box, press and hold the CTRL key and press the C key...this puts your text on the clipboard.

    CTRL key and the V key pastes it back when you try you have to restart your computer completely...

    Hugs, computer nerd here...
    (and skating, if you note my new pic...rofl)
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    Thinking of you
    Dear Claudia,

    I was thinking of you this week. My son and I made your now famous crepes with homegrown blackberries. Your computer may not have been working but your recipe worked great! We love your picture too. Good luck with the HP. My husband finally took his ornery computer to the shop to be gutted and refitted. Low and behold it now works-just needed to get more memory I guess. Take care and may your computer get well soon!

    C. Abbott
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    Important people
    You five and your posts have become so important to me...I am having such a hard time emotionallly right now and your words help me to feel more hopeful and normal (whatever that is). Thanks so much to all of you. Lynn
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    Miss u
    Claudia, I miss you too! I am very glad though to read that its just computer issues keeping you away. Hope to chat soon, Eil
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    Eil4186 said:

    Miss u
    Claudia, I miss you too! I am very glad though to read that its just computer issues keeping you away. Hope to chat soon, Eil

    Me 3
    Glad to hear it's only a tecky malfunction, rather than a Claudia malfunction.

    Is your computer talking to you and telling you he (she?, it?) can't perform those functions? If so, the only cure is to stop watching so many Sci-fi movies!

    The deprivation could be painful, but what the heck, you've been thru all the BC treatment, you're tough, you're 50 feet tall, take that computer and drop kick it across the room. Then, while you're cleaning up the pieces and repairing the wall it hit, it'll understand who's boss. (I think I've watched too many of those movies too).

    If that doesn't work, try the other less violent, but boring suggestions. We KNOW it's the computer, and not the operator---right, right?

    Glad to hear from you again, missed you.

    Gotta go, my keepers are hearding me into the cage again.