lonely and tired

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My husband Steve was diagnosed with esophogeal cancer in April of 2005. it is also now in his stomach and liver. The chemo treatments have been very hard on him and also our 5 kids. My husband's boss has allowed him to work from home for the last year. He barely has the strength to get out of bed. It is so hard to see him like this. People that haven't been through this don't understand try as they might . Some just don't know what to say if anything. Some just never call anymore. Just need someone to talk to that understands. Lisa


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    You are right, only someone who has gone through cancer themselves or with a loved one can understand how horrible things can get. There are days too when I am not sure what to think or how to stay positive (my dad has EC cancer) but you get through those days and look to new and positive things to come. It is hard! You are a wonderful support for your husband and just being by his side through all of this is giving strength to both of you.

    I find sometimes when I am feeling down or not sure who to talk to it really helps to come to this site and read other stories. That is why I am on here tonight. It's nice to know that you are not alone out there. We are all her for each other!
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    thank you
    Thanks for your response. I teach school during the day, but I love being with my husband in the evenings. Even though he is in bed most of the time, I look forward to the days when heis not sick or sleeping just to be able to talk. It's one day at a time. Human nature is interesting. It's funny to see how people react to someone having cancer. I guess i just have high expectations of others and think they'll be there through thick and thin. That;s not always the case. Some people have quit calling or walk away when they see you. I think they must be too uncomfortable with all of it. That reaction is somedays harder to take then the cancer. I just have to keep having faith and just be with people who I can count on. I will ptay for you and your father. Lisa
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    Lonely and tired but NOT ALONE
    Wow.....mine was dxd in 7-08 and we're just hoping to make it to 7-09. Life sometimes looks so grime, it's nice to hear others still fighting. My hubby is lucky, he retired,so work is a non issue. There is no way he could work. He's stage 4 and went thru chemo/rad/surgery. He is now 40lbs thinner, walking with a walker, using O2 continuously(lung damaged from trtmt)and of course the infamous J-tube is still there. But just knowing people,like you are out there, helps me.
    Thanks for sharing.