PSA 30, Gleason 3+3, 10% of 1 core of 12

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Hello folks,
I am looking for suggestions on diagnostics to help determine the extent of the cancer. So far, all 3 doctors I have seen just tell me they don't know, but are "nervious". Yeah, me too. I am 62 and in good health with no symtoms at all.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    PC Diagnosis
    Aloha Skipper5510,
    You are at the low end of the PC range. The high psa could indicate any number of things, but with respect to PC, one core & G6, I would choose watchful waiting. Good about seeing 3 docs. There are several good places to look & ask questions on the web;
    NCI Prostate Cancer report
    Johns Hopkins
    Some ask for a fee, some do not.
    My indicators were at the other end of the PC range; PSA 14, 5% to 70% all 12 cores, G9. I chose EBRT/IMRT & ADT because surgery may leave the PC in other places. The radiation treatment was rough, I was in the 10% that had long lasting effects. Any treatment you choose should be between you, your partner, and the treating doc. The web can provide questions to ask your doc.
    Recovery from treatment with your stats should be good. Very difficult to judge what might happen after treatment. You must live with your choice.
    Have hope, faith, & love,
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    With those readings, you might consider Active Surveillance for the time being. 4 years ago, a routine exam led to results similar to yours, except my PSA was around 3. After 6 months of research, I had a 2nd biopsy which found nothing in 12 samples! So I began Surveillance with PSA tests every 6 months and annual biopsies, which sometimes found cancer.
    In the meantime, I continued to decide what I would do should the results turn sour.
    Readings remained stable for 3 years and I was obviously hopeful they would remain so, but it wasn't to be. When a biospy found many more cores of cancer, I was ready to "take the leap" and had DaVinci Robotic surgery. Am now 1+ years of recovery, and doing fine.
    I became a believer in Surveillance until test results made it evident that more aggressive action was necessary. Took me a few Dr's to find one who believed in Surveillance, as long as we both were ready to do more if the results looked bad, as happened.
    Good Luck.