Opus 51 Update

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Hi everyone. My husband had his bone scan and all the other tests. His bone scan was clear. (YES) but it looks as though his bladder may be involved. So we have another biopsy scheduled. This seems, at least on the surface, to rule out surgery. We can't make the decision until we get the results. So it will be radiation or cryotherapy. Does anyone have any advice about cryotherpy/hormones as a choice? We are looking for any information we can amass.
We are both so anxious and tense, it is hard to sleep. I am having some spinal problems and am seeing a neurosurgeon in January. It just seems like this big pile of stuff got dumped on to us in a very short time. It is all very scary. At least we have been able to talk out our worries and we agree that this is happening to US, as a partnership. Luckily, we have had 33 years to practice.
Bless you all.