Hello from Holland!

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We (I) installed our new high-speed internet today (Sunday afternoon...lol). I LOVE it that I am connected!!!

As I have shared, I wasn't looking forward to this trip...so many memories from when my beau's mom was alive...

Our trip was good...when I checked in the night before, I changed seats...to seats in Business Class!!!! At no charge!!! It seems that KLM had moved all 'paying' customers to first class, and gave away the 10 seats (complete with fully reclining backs...) to a few of us lucky coach fliers. "Merry Christmas" we were greeted with..."And you all get the big seats this flight!". It was grand to have my own viewer (Watched movies, played video games...) and a true 'bed' to sleep on. The blankets were plush, I LOVED it!!! AND a window seat (each row only has 2 seats on each side of the plane). The ride was a bit bumpy, but I had many distractions, so it was O.K. On our descent to Amsterdam, I looked out to see a glorious day, sunny but VERY cold (30 degrees F). Then I looked down. There, in a field, the leftover crop had been sculpted to say "Welcom t'huis". I started crying...this means "Welcome Home" in dutch. We deplaned, breezed thru customs and the baggage area, and stepped almost immediately onto a train that whisk us to our destination. There, the caretaker for the house was waiting, arms open. We got to the house, and, instead of the lonely walk up the path to the door that I expected, there sat a dog and our housekeeper...with the door open and smiles all around, and tea and goodies waiting.

Tomorrow is fireworks buying (one BIG mat of firecrackers for all of you to chase away the bad spirits of 2008), and long walks in a beautiful park nearby. There are promises of ice for skating, and maybe even snow in the new year!!! We have our skates...wouldn't that be a hoot, ME on ICE SKATES!!!

I wanted to say 'thank you' to you all for putting up with my pity parties these last few posts...I am so resistant to change, and it seems like these past 4 years has been nothing but change...

I am wishing you all a very happy new year, and rest from the hassles this beast brings.

Hugs and Kisses,



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    Glad you got to Holland safely!
    Hi Kathi! Glad you had a good and uneventful trip! So glad you were able to connect your computer. I(we) all miss your posts when you're not here! How long will you be away? Have a safe and wonderful time! Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year! HUGS!!! Cathy
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    Glad your flight was
    Glad your flight was uneventful. How long are you staying? LOL you just got there and we are already missing you. Please send off tons of fireworks, we all need to chase the bad demons away. And Kath, no thanks needed. That's what we are here for. to lend an ear. Happy New Year! Love ya, Lili
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    It seems the Travel Gods were definitely with you for the trip "home"! Hooray...what a wonderful treat! And for the welcome to continue complete with waiting dog and housekeeper; but wait! You didn't mention the obligatory fireplace and smoking jacket! Must have been either an oversight in your narrative, or a given that we should have known! :-)

    It has been so long since I was in Holland, and your post made me long to go back~ my brother lives in Paris, and I have friends in Belgium, not to mention my old stomping grounds in Germany...so maybe someday!!!

    I apologize in advance for saying that I hope you and your Hans Brinker don skates and have a marvelous time! Of course we can picture you skating~if I rode a dolphin and zip lined, and you went to Turkey and took in a mud bath, what's to stop you from skating??? At least this time, the skating on thin ice will have NOTHING to do with cancer!!!!

    Hmmmm....I wonder if you can buy me some Brotchen ( Milch or Wasser) at the airport on your way home and we can meet for breakfast when you get back! HAHAHA

    Enjoy, and no, you have not been the Queen of the Pity Party at all!

    Hugs and a Happy New Year to you too,
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    Hi Kathi
    Sounds like a fabulous trip. Really like that "welcome home" sign in the crops. Hope you have a wonderful time.