biopsy right now

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My mom is having her thyroid biopsy right now as I type this. I pray she isn't in pain.

Happy holidays to all of you, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't forget to mention my mom in your prayers. I am asking God to ease her anxiety while we wait for the results of this biopsy. I am also praying that it isn't a met from colon cancer and that it isn't a new primary.

Peace be with you all.


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    No discomfort
    My thoughts are with you and your mom, Krystie! If the thyroid needle biopsy is anything like an adrenal or lung biopsy, then she won't be in any pain or discomfort. They freeze the outer layer of skin where your nerve endings are and once the needle is inside, there is no feeling there. Meanwhile, they give you that "conscious sedation"... like the stuff they use for colonoscopies so either you don't remember the procedure at all, or if you are awake for the whole thing (that'll be me ), then you are so relaxed you have no idea you shouldn't be relaxed :)

    But I will defintely be sending thoughts your mom's way that the biopsy doesn't find any cancer.


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    Sending a prayer and positive thought
    Keeping your mom in my prayers for an all clear. I had a thyroid biopsy done a long time ago. No pain at all. Hope that eases your mind. They totally numbed it. Keep us posted. God Bless
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    Always in my prayers
    Your mom is always in my prayers as well as all the others. I just know she will get through this and I pray extra hard that the results will be good news. Dear Lord, can we have a Christmas Miricle here? That will be my prayer for your mom, GOd Bless

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    I'm sending up TWICE prayers...
    Please keep us posted, dearheart!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    We're praying for both of you, dear.

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    Prayers and hugs
    Keeping both Mom and you in our prayers. You are such a strong advocate for her. keep up the fight.

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    How is your Mom?
    How is your mom doing? When are you supposed to get the results? Well hope your mom is resting and healing. Good Luck on the results, she is in my prayers.