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Has anybody out there every tried alternative medicine for Hodgkins Disease. Like loading up on antioxidants and eating tons of fruits and veggies. And if so, did it work? I've been reading such terrible things about chemotherapy and all the side effects it causes. I've already been thru 12 treatments of ABVD and now they want to do a stem cell transplant with high-dose chemo. I'm just wondering if this disease can be cured some other way. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    There is quite a few alternative meds......
    that you can take with or without conventional treatment, but you still need to be monitored by a licensed healthcare practitioner. There is a so called, nox-toxic form of chemotherapy that many are finding out about. mainly used by alternative docs, but available on the net. Its called Poly-MVA, and when taken with Ubiquinol CoQ10 its twice as effective i've been told.
    Heres a link: The ACS makes note of it, too.

    Another nutritional supplement, super food, is The medicinal mussrooms with AHCC that used as a rocket ship for the immune system.
    In the case of AHCC, a "superfood" nutritional supplement from Japan, there is an unusual combination of mainstream acceptance by the medical profession ( not in the USA, which leads to some questions) and by the the general public. In fact, it goes on, AHCC is close to being considered a mainstream cancer therapy in Japan, and its acceptance is rapidly growing in other countries. Part of this rapid acceptance is due to the volume of scientific research devoted to the many applications of AHCC. AHCC is being used in over 700 hospitals in Japan and is being researched further in 15 japanese medical colleges and universities. Outside of Japan, universites in the US, China Korea and Thailand are conducting research on AHCC.

    Because AHCC is a medical "super food" that srengthens immune system function, it could be recommended for any type of cancer. Data from over 100,00 cancer patients with various kinds of cancer has shown that 60% of patients have benefited to some degree and many have found it effective enough to induce remission. AHCC can actually relieve most, and sometimes all of the extremely unpleasant effects of cancer when intergrated into chemotherapy and increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy. AHCC offers hair loss prevention, protects bone marrow, prevents liver damage, nausea and vomiting. Combined AHCC and conventional chemotherapy enhanced efficiency by decreasing tumor size 20 percent more than chemotherapy alone and preventing metastasis, spread of the tumor to other parts of the body, by 30 percent more than chemotherapy. One of the great advantages of AHCC is that conventional chemotherapy does not distringuish between normal cells and cancer cells, but AHCC stimulates the action of the NK (natural killer) cells which destroy only the abnormal cells.

    This next link is really a goldmine of information about AHCC... a FREE booklet simply intitled, AHCC, Active Hexose Correlated Coupound. This booklet gives you much more in deph information, including a guided tour through the immune system.
    If you go to and search FREE booklet on AHCC you'll bring it up. Also heres another link on a article on AHCC: Mushrooms that fight cancer..

    Link to research:
    Theres more if interested..
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