Wishing each and everyone a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas

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Hey girls!

It's been a while since I've been here. I didn't realize that it had been so long until I began reading the postings. Boy have I been out of touch.

My daughter-in-law opened a little sandwich shop in October and I help her out a couple of hours a day Tues.-Fri. Our youngest son who is stationed in Germany with the Air Force was in for five days in November. It was good to visit with him. I don't really remember what we did while he was home, I just know that we stayed busy. We had our other son and his family and our daughter and her family over every night for dinner and to visit. We had a great time. That is the first time I had seen him since my go round with ovca. Of course, I started to cry when I saw him. (As my friend teases me----I'm just a "bawl baby".)

I have also been keeping sick grandchildren when needed. Fortunately, I'm not "tied" down to my job so I can step up and help my children out when necessary. I think that everybody is well now.

I want to wish everybody a BLESSED AND PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS. May the spirit of the season lift you up. (of course, this time last year I thought I was going to die any time because I felt so bad.)

I have had a great year!! My health is excellent, I can eat and keep things down, and I feel absolutely wonderful.

I will continue to pray for all that come here and especially for those who just received their diagnosis. I know how hard it is to get a grip on.


((hugs)) Carol

p.s. We found out the first part of December that my daughter-in-law's mother has breast cancer. She had her port put in yesterday. She will be receiving chemo before she has her mastectomy. Remember her in your prayers.


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    I'm so happy to hear about someone who is having a great year and I'm excited for you. it sure sounds like you have your hands full and live a very productive life...good for you!!!

    I would also like to send Christmas greetings and New Year wishes to all the ladies on this site. I pray that 2009 will become the year of the cure and that we will all be cured or at least on our way to wholeness soon. (((hugz))~~Joanne
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    Merry Texas Christmas to YOU
    Glad you checked in and hope you have a blessed Christmas also. Saundra
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    Echoing the Chirstmas Merry's
    May you have a blessed Christmas and a Spirit filled new year!!
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    And blessings in the New Year. We will pray that your daughter-in-law's mother has superb responses to the chemo and that her surgery will go well.

    From my House to Yours, A Very Blessed Christmas and Joyous, Healthy New Year!


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    Merry Christmas!!
    Hi Carol,
    May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!!
    That's my youngest grandson in the picture with me. I have 11 grandchilren. The oldest is 19 and the rest are all under the tender age of 8.So glad to hear you are doing great!!
    Teal Hugs,Prayers and lots of Love sending your way,