CT Follow up good except for...??

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H i smi-colons,

Just a quick update on the my CT scan and bloodwork. Everything normal for blood and CT scan of abdomen looks completely normal. The chest part of the CT scan has a couple questionable tiny, tiny nodules of about 1 to 2 mm in size- something that would not normally be picked up on an Xray. The onc says I should not be worried about this as everything else looks good but that I should come in for another CT scan in 3 months to see if there is any change in size. He said it could be scar tissue or calcification from radiation I received 20 years ago for Hodgkins. There is no way to tell if there is a recurrence until it gets checked out in 3 months. Again, he did not seemed overly concerned, just cautious I suppose. Man, I was hoping for an all clear so I could wait 6 months for the next checkup. I think I have heard about other folks with similar experiences. Can anyone else share. Would love to hear from others that found that these little critters were benign. In the meantime I am going to go with my mantra that I am NED, Naked and Dancing until someone tells me different. So having said that, a Merry Christmas to all and have a very, very Happy New Year.

Cheers, Lance


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    Hope it's nothing
    I haven't had your experience, Lance, but I just want to say that I'm praying it's a big, fat NOTHING.

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    similar experience
    Well when I had my first CT scan (6/07) there was a small 6 mm nodule on my lung. Had no idea if it was related to the cancer they also say. Since then I've had 6 months FOLFOX and 3 CT scans (latest 12/08) and it's remained the same size, so the Dr says it's probably not cancer. From what my Dr says they can be common.

    Thinking postive thoughts that your next CT scan shows no change too. Traci