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I picked up my medicine from the pharmacy and to my surprise the Arimidex was in a bottle. No more pushing the pills out of the pack. One less problem with Arimidex.


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    Hmmmmmm...for almost 5 years now, my Arimidex has ALWAYS come in a bottle! Didn't know it came any other way! Glad it is making you happy not to have to push pills out of a pack! :-)

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    The Power of the Email
    I emailed Astra Zenica about the difficulty I was having with their new packaging. I couldn't push the pills out of the pack - my hands have neuropathy. They sent me a nice letter telling me that others had complained about the packaging and that starting in September, there would be new push packaging as well the bottle option. Some pharmacies carry both, while others carry only one. Plus, Astra Zenica sent me a coupon for a one month's free prescription. That's a class outfit, in my opinion. Now if the FDA would just approve the generic, which is available in Canada, I'd be a totally happy camper. Medicare Part D covers Arimidex, but if that was the only drug I took, I would reach the donut hole by July. Pray for approval of the generic. Marilynn