To exchange personal advices to cope the best we can with our cancer

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I am new to the network. Please write to me. Thanks Luciana


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    Dear Luciana:

    I am a 3 year, 7 month survivor of nonsmall cell lung cancer. It was detected during a routine physical in May 2005. I had surgery to remove the lower lobe of my right lung. Then I had 2 rounds of chemo to ensure that no cancer cells remained in my body that couldn't be seen with my scans. I remain cancer free and can do anything I want.

    Are you newly diagnosed or are you a caregiver for someone?

    All the best,

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    I am relatively new cancer survivor. I had VATS surgery sept. 10th recovered and back to work walking at least 1 mile on treadmill daily. I work out at curves. what type and stage of cancer did or do you have? I did not have chemo very early stage cancer
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    lung cancer
    My name is Tammy an I am new to this to I have stage 3b lung cancer an went for my first scan after all my chemo an radation an I am hoping it all comes back clear, My cancer had spread to far to be removed. The doctor said it could be removed but it would be very painfull an could come back in 10 diffrent places.So far it has all shrunk I just have to watch to make sure it dose not grow anymore. It is so scary an I would like more friends to talk to that know a little of what it is like. I would like anyone to write me a note