Good check for me, not for my friend

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Hi everyone!
First the good stuff. My CA-125 is 11.3, WOOHOO and AMEN. Monday I will see the Gyne-onc and get the next 3 month pass. January 7th will be one year since diagnosis. I met a great lady through my doctor who helped me through peritoneal taxol and cisplatin. She had just completed the treatment when I started. She had a laparoscopy because her numbers had increased and the CT showed a spot by her spleen and two by her liver. She called today and told me the good news that the cells have not gone into the liver they are on it though. She is planning on starting a regimen of gemzar and carbo.

I sure would appreciate any info you have on gemzar. She is in great spirits and says if we can get through all the peritoneal.....She can get through this.

I pray for all of you.



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    Dear Tracie, Congratulations on your good news ~ you are definitely in remission!! Sending lots of prayers you stay there forever.

    Now about gemzar, I had it all by itself and dealt with flu like symptoms and fevers, my counts stayed low and I was very short of breath. Docs didn't think my shortness of breath was from the gemzar but others I talked to said the same thing about gemzar. It took me many months to feel good afterwards. Now she is getting it with carbo and so I am sure her worst thing will be her blood counts, but they should give her shots to help with that. Some people do very well on the combination or just gemzar and it really knocks their cancer back. For me my cancer grew and it only made me weak. Tell your friend to start taking tylenol or advil right after her treatments for a couple days that should help with fevers and flu like symptoms.

    Again Congratulations on your low ca125, it is always encouraging to read good news!!

    Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie
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    What wonderful news on your blood levels! And that your friend is having good results as well. I have no experience with the Gemzar, but I knew that Bonnie and others would provide info.

    I'll pray for continued lowering CA125, and that your friend will also have continued progress! Please keep us informed.

    Luv, Hugs AND Prayers,
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    That is the best news you can get...a 3 month pass..I would love one right about now!! Sorry your friend has to go on Gemzar but hopefully it will do the job. I could only handle 5 cycles of Gemzar,before I had to stop. I had to get some booster shots for whites and reds cells. The worse part for me was the fluid retention caused from the Gemzar and steriods,it put me into congestive heart failure. So tell her to monitor any edema,headaches and trouble breathing. It did however drop my ca-125 to the norm and I was able to stay off chemo for 4 months. I hope you have a magical Christmas and Healthy New Year~~~Joanne
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    Thank you!
    Thanks to all of you for the prayers! I am so glad that I found this site, but I am sad it has to exsist. All of you have been such a wealth of information. My prayers are with you. I am sure that all of us will have a great 2009. After all, new year , new treatments, new meds, and most of friends. Have safe happy holidays.

    Again, thanks for the info,