happy about colonoscopy

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Hey, all. I had my colonoscopy today - I was absolutely terrified that they would find something (cancer again!) but I am happy to say there was nary a polyp. I am so relieved. And the procedure wasn't even that bad. Ohilly


  • tasha_111
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    Ohilly, you give us all hope. Sooooo glad it came back clear. Hugs Julia
  • chenheart
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    Good Report!
    Hooray, ohilly!!!!

    I am soo happy for you!! Thanks for sharing with us~ we love all good news! YAY!!!

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    That's great news ohilly. I
    That's great news ohilly. I am super glad for you. Hugs, Lili
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    Ohilly, you are inspiring me
    Ohilly, you are inspiring me to get one too! So glad you are getting good news in your life. Love, Joyce
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    Ohilly, thank goodness for the all clear! I am very happy for you. Eil