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Hello my name is Marilyn stade and I work for Wal_Mart and I did a short change last friday night I worked till 11:00 P.m. and went back to work at 7:00 am the next morning and I get tired very easy . I have been through cancer 5 yrs ago and I still get tired very easy . What kind of vitamins are good .And does any one get tired very easy . Know one seems to understand why I get tired so easy or stay tired . When I'm this tired I tend to cry easy.


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    Hi Marilyn
    I can so relate

    Hi Marilyn

    I can so relate to the way you are feeling. It has been 5 yrs for me too. I believe that the crying comes from depression. It is depressing to never have the energy that you need just to go about everyday living.

    I will be anxiously waiting for responses to your post. I hope someone will have an answer for us.

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    Hi Marilyn, I was dx June
    Hi Marilyn, I was dx June 2007 went through 8 rounds of a/c and no radiation since I opted for a mastectomy and am now on Tamoxifen for 5 years. During all this, I developed a thyroid problem and the endocrinologist said it was from all I went through. I tired very easily also. I think that if you are no longer seeing an oncologist, you should then go to your primary care physician and have him run blood tests and have your thyroid checked as well. And then take it from there. If the blood tests come back normal, then you may be suffering from depression which is most understandable after everything we've been through. Either way, I think a visit to your doctor might be your best route for now. BTW, I am on a multi-vitamin and I am also taking Vitamin D since I was found to have extremely low doses of it. Hugs, Lili
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    Check your iron...
    And, to be old are you?

    After 4 years of fighting with the beast, etc, I am 4 years

    Sometimes (dare I say it?), I even take a nap during the day...

    Hugs, Kathi