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I was very sad to see today that apparently since this website created the new format, all of my friends and all of my old e-mails are gone! I wanted to look back at the e-mails Jana and I had written to each other. Am I missing something, or is there a way to get them back? Rats...
-Susan H.


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    old friends list
    Hi Susan,
    I had the same reaction; I NEVER delete old e-mails; they seem to function as a sort of diary for m, so I was also really disappointed to find the old e-mails gone.
    I sent an inquiry to CSN, and, unfortuanately, they are not able to be retrieved. I was sorry that they did not do a posting to let us know of that upcoming loss. After 5 years, I had many notes from friends, some of whom are gone, that I wished I had known would be deleted.
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    Old emails
    Hey Judy and Susan,

    I noticed on the home page that there is a "limited-time offer" to recover your old emails. Don't know how far back they're going, but maybe it will help. Thanks.