Running out of drugs - anyone heard of using Trexall

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My dad is stage IV since 2002 - we are running out of drugs. His best drug was erbitrux and vextibux. Finished erbitrux this past summer and now on avastin/oxiplatin/xeolda combination. Only taking avastin and xeolda right now due to allergic reaction to oxiplatin. Meeting with doctor on Friday to discuss treatment. Do not want anyone to give up. I know that more drugs will be coming. Anyone heard of using trexall to treat colon cancer?




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    Not sure
    Hi, I thought that drug was being used for lung cancer....but not sure but many drugs are eventually found to be helpful in other areas. Praying right now, that it goes well for you!
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    New or long as it WORKS!!!!
    Ask dad's oncologist about Trexall....I don't know....but sounds good.

    Remember, at one point, Avastin was only for colon worked so well, it's now used also for breast cancer.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hugs, Kathi