Hi all looking for a prune juice diet

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hi all I havent been here in a while.. was diagnosed in 04 with stage 3 colonrectal cancer..had surgery had the biggest tumor in my rectum but was able to save rectum . had chemo and radiation as well.
My question is .. a longgg time ago someone posted a diet that helped clean colon and keep bowel empty..something about drinkng a cup of prune juice with hot liquid? or after dinner meal..
it was from doctors site?
anyways I had it saved and lost it with a crash to my computer
I am doing well these days..but with the smaller rectum I have to go to the bathroom more frequently and this cleansing techinique had worked for me in the past

the site has changed..hmmm seems for the better?

sending out good vibes ..and prayers for those that want/need them

thanks for any help on this



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    Hi i don't know about the prune juice diet you are asking about, but i am a dietetic technician, and i would like to mention metamucil "psyllium fiber' type products..if you do research on it, psyllium fiber is excellent in keeping the bowel clean..by swelling and absorbing fluids it breaks down and helps remove toxic waste matter stuck in the folds and crevices of the colon, and makes stool into a gelatinous mass so it evacuates easily. it also has been proven to significantly lower cholesterol.Fiber also helps maintain a healthy intestinal flora. A clean colon inhibits harmful bacteria and parasites from surviving. It is not only helps constipation, but diarrhea as well and you don't need to take it for those reasons, you can just take it for colon health. You do need to make sure to drink plenty of water with it though, as it can swell up in your throat and cause choking if you don't.