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hi everybody. Again asking for help. My husband was dx crc in2006.After radiation ,surgery chemo/8/ he was clean till may 2008. His cancer spread to adrenal glands and some lining behind them -he started chemo again but after 3rd /altogether 12 of them/ he got infection in pelvic area-treated with antibiotics and drainage. he had to stop chemo for 6 weeks.
infection came back after 9th and doctors said it is caused by scare tissue pockets.
is there any treatment -surgery?--I know it can be dadly
he is in hospital - same tratment like before and i am at home by myself scared to death
is there anybody who had same problems?


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    I'm sorry, I'm not sure I followed all that you were saying so I don't want to give advice on something I'm not sure I read properly.

    My colon cancer spread to my right adrenal gland and I had the gland surgically removed this past June and so far, so good. There was no spread. So I'm not sure what you mean by the cancer having spread to the glands and some lining behind them. Did the doctor mention surgically removing the adrenal glands as a possibility? If one gland is removed, then the remaining gland can do the work of both. If both have to be removed, then it would mean he has to be put on hormone supplements to replace the hormones the glands produce. But if the cancer has spread to the lining (??) I would imagine that is why they have put him on chemo to try and clear that up?

    As for the infection... I know chemo itself doesn't cause infection, but if it's killing off his red/white cells that fight infection, then I guess it's possible that his immune system is down during chemo, hence it is easy for infection to set in and if there are pockets created by scar tissue, then these pockets are environments that infection feels right at home in.

    Have you talked over these concerns of yours with his doctors? Maybe they can give a clearer explanation of what is going on and how they are going to go about treating it?