Chemo Ablation?

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I have seen some discussions on RFA but I was wondering if anyone has had chemo ablation? My mom ( who is stage 4 colon cancer) had the procedure done on thursday for some spots on her liver. She is just in so much pain right now. Her doctor says that is normal post op, but I was wondering what the recovery time is for this procedure and if anyone has had successful results from it? Thanks so much in advance. I worry constantly about my mom but I don't want her to know it so i hate asking her questions.


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    i don't know
    But I wanted to tell you that I can relate to you. My mom was dx Nov. 07 stage 4 colon cancer. I worry all the time. You could try to look it up on this site in old posts or on the american cancer society's main page.
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    Just Praying
    I'm sorry I don't know what is typical and what is not, but I am praying for your Mom. Perhaps your Mom would like for you to ask questions; that would give HER permission to speak about things that concern her, as well. Everyone is different.

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    I don't know either...
    I'm sorry, I haven't heard of this procedure although it makes sense that if they can ablate a tumour with heat, they can also ablate a tumour with chemo. What is considered a normal reaction or a normal recovery period, I'm sure is different from individual to individual.

    When you say her doctor says it is normal post op, did you speak to him, or was this what your mother told you? I'm sure if you called her doctor and asked some of these questions he/she would have no problem giving you some of these answers without affecting doctor/patient confidentiality. You could also ask your mom for permission to call your doctor so that if you (or she) or both of you come up with questions that you could relieve her by calling some of the times so the onous isn't on her to do all the calling.

    I don't know your mother but I'm sure if you were to tell her that you do worry about her but know it would put your mind more at ease if you could talk to her doctors when you have questions because it's your unanswered questions that cause you worry... and you don't want to be constantly asking her questions when she's not feeling well or maybe doesn't have the answers herself. I'm sure she would feel relief that you care and want answers on her behalf rather than wondering why you aren't asking any questions.


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    Yes, my mom (who, by the
    Yes, my mom (who, by the way, is my absolute best friend)is usually pretty up front with me about what is going on and she has a WONDERFUL doctor that usually explains things in great detail. However, with this procedure there was not a whole lot of details so I guess that was what worried me the most. Reading the stories of survival and courage on this website has always given me comfort so I guess I was just looking for some encouragement :)and maybe someone who had had a positive result from this procedure. Thank you so much for responding. You are all in my thoughts and prayers :)