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I'm still waiting for the results of the MRI. Everyone is almost sure that is the scar tissue, and I pray for it. But you know how the mind can work us up. Yesterday we went to eat pizza with another couple, and this nice lady that came to the table had a Breast Cancer Awareness Pin, of course I had mine too. We looked at each other. She came a couple of times, finally she asked me... are you a survivor? And I said yes.She told me she was a 7 (SEVEN AND A 1/2) year survivor!!! Then she started telling me her story, going through a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. She tattoed her eyebrows (because they never came back as before), she was so happy, so alive, with her make up and "colored-medium-long hair". ... I'm going to send her a Thank YOu Card, maybe she didn't realize, but she meant so much to me. I think that God was talking to me, and we were meant to meet.
Just another story of hope and belonging... to the same club!!! Hugs to all.


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    Woo Hoo
    Great story sylva. Isn't it a good feeling when God sends a 'touch' our way via someone we have never seen before in our lives and who have no 'reason' to care about us? Those are the best. Now you are fully charged and can 'pay it forward'. Hugs
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    Sylvana, isn't it great when
    Sylvana, isn't it great when we hear about these long time survivors. It gives me hope that we too will get there, just like Zahalene (what an inspiration). I am praying with all my might that everything works out for you and that this is only a little scare and nothing more. Tell your mind to stop going into overtime. Please keep us posted as soon as you know the news. Hugs, Lili
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    Love your story. And I love
    Love your story. And I love your outlook that can make something really special out of this meeting. And in making it special, can then help you heal and give you hope. Way to go! love, Joyce
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    I have been watching to see if you have gotten an update since your MRI. Waiting is sooooo hard. I am glad you are not jumping to the worst conclusions. It is nice to hear that you were pleased to share a moment with a stranger/sister in the struggle. I have often seen someone who appears to be in treatment out in public that I would like to speak to but am not sure how they would react. I guess if I think back I was always glad when someone shared their experiences with me. Hope you get good news soon!!!!
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    Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. I must tell you that it reminded me of a time when I was in treatment and my husband took me to a casino just to get out. There we sat at a diner me with my bandana on and my pressure sleeve for my lymphedema. I felt so odd and insecure, funny thing was I kept feeling like someone was staring. I finally zeroed in on who, it was a gal about 6 tables away in the tell tale turbon we cancer patients sometimes where. We locked eyes she smiled and raised her arm, she too was wearing a pressure sleeve. From across the room we both chuckled, it was great! She was with a large party and we did not get to meet face to face, but that single moment took away the odd awkward feeling I had had previously. It reminded me that we are all out there and we are all on common ground, she and I knew each other instantly and there was a bond. I am keeping you in my prayers as I know how hard the waiting can be. My best to you Sylva and a great big (((((HUG)))))!

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    That sounds wonderful,
    That sounds wonderful, doesn't it. It gives us all hope. Thanks for sharing. Hope you receive good news soon.
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    You never know how many you inspire!
    I always tell myself that there are 2 types of contact. One, we initiate ourselves. The other, just being ourselves involves others.

    I have my story being published on a web site, and I was asked to give the ok to the summary that this gal had written, based on a chat we had. One of the things that stood out was a comment I 'made' (literary license..lol) concerning working during my treatment:

    "Work allowed me to be normal. I also became the touch point for people who had family members diagnosed. I became the light of hope, if you will, because I was surviving.”

    Wow! I am so proud!

    Hugs, Kathi