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Hi Ladies,
How everyone is doing well-and feeling well too! I am 33 years old and I felt a lump in March of this year. My gyn sent me for a ultrasound and they saw a solid mass (catergory 4). I had it removed in Aug (because of insurance battle). I went to my surgeon to discuss my pathology report from the biopsy and he tells me it was a fibroadenoma and not to worry just follow up in Dec, which was good, but my report also said I had moderate ductal hyperplasia and microcalcifications throughout my duct. I asked him what that meant because my gyn said if I had hyperplasia or microcalcifications it was'nt good, he tells me not to worry it's nothing. I see an gyn oncologist for a different issue and my surgeon sent a copy of my pathology for my follow up with her and when I go see her, she looked at my report and asked me what treatment I was receiving. When I told her none she decided to show it to some of her colleagues and told me it probably was nothing, not to worry, she then turns to her PA and says- make sure we follow up on this because she has DCIS. I was shocked because she didn't think I knew what that was.She called me back a couple of days later and asked me to see one of them (a breast surgeon because my surgeon is a general surgeon). When the breast surgeon's office called the lady says that my dr told her I have DCIS and she wants to see me. When I asked her if that was my new diagnosis she clammed up and now they want me to wait because they ordered my slides and their pathologist is looking at them. I am so confused and I don't want to worry my husband. Did anybody go through this? All the doctors say the same thing, I am young and it's nothing, but at the same time they are telling me not to worry, they think it IS something.Thanks for listening Sorry I was so long winded!


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    We all agree here that
    We all agree here that waiting for test results is the absolute pits. But right now that is about all you can do. Sounds like you have a goodly number of professionals looking at your situation. I suggest you start now making a list of all questions you want answered in all possible scenarios. Then have a sit-down with each of these doctors and tell them you need a consensus of opinions regarding future treatment options. The final decision will be yours, but you will know you did the best you could for yourself, and who can do more than that?
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    Communication is key...
    You have every right to be confused and concerned. I suggest that you make an appointment with the oncologist with whom you feel you communicate the best. Have a "sit down" with that doctor and, as Zahelene suggested, have your list of questions ready. You have to be your own healthcare advocate. We've all learned that, some of us the hard way. You need some answers so you know how you want to proceed to protect your longterm health. Going through all of this worry without involving your husband must be very hard on you. Don't wait too long. Keep us posted. You've come to the right place for support. Hang in there. Hugs, Marilynn
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    Had same
    I had a biopsy done nearly 3 years ago that also showed microcalcifications and atypia hyperplasia. These two things are concerning and your doctor may suggest some aggresive prevention treatments. For me (age 45 at the time) it meant starting tamoxifin. In June I did get diagnosed with DCIS. The pathology reports are very different from 3 years ago. I encourage you to make sure you have an extrememly well qualified pathologist. Anything that happens after that will be based on his/her report. Since you can't feel microcalcifications follow up mammograms and MRI's become important. My DCIS was not detected on the mammo but did show on the MRI (tricky little suckers. Being concerned is good...it keeps things under check....your best defense right now.
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    Your best advocate....is you!
    Bravo for pressing this issue!

    I don't much like it when doctors go secretive...I always stick with an issue until I feel comfortable with it...

    Case in point: After a 'light up' in my breast (in a lump I had had for 11 years, mammo'ed every year) during a PET scan for my 'other' cancer (rectal), I asked what would be done. Wisely, my doctors said "We will deal with this after treating the rectal cancer, we don't want to slam your system with both." (my survival was very uncertain from that). After surviving the treatment and surgery for the rectal, another PET scan was done. The lump in the breast did not 'light up'. I was told "It must have been a false positive on the first one." I said "Having just fought so hard with the rectal cancer, I would really appreciate a needle biopsy be done". It was, and the most surprised was my breast surgeon, who greeted me with an Eyore face and said "Goodness, Kathi, it's stage II ductal carcinoma!"

    Had I not questioned when I didn't feel satisfied, I would have gone away thinking I was fine, with breast cancer raging in my body. And my first fight would have been meaningless.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    DCIS has to be treated.
    DCIS has to be treated. Please do not panic at this but if I had DCIS and I was blown off the way you were, I would file a complaint. It sounds like you are on the right track with seeing a breast surgeon or oncologist. I feel very fortunate that no one ignored me and blew me off because I was young. I was diagnosed at 29. From the day I found the lump to the day I started chemo was 19 days.
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    First I want to say thank you for reading my story. I really needed the encouragement. I want to talk to my husband about it but he doesn't really understand where I am coming from. Don't get me wrong I DONT want it to be cancer but my body felt different before the tumor was removed. I can't explain it and I don't know if you understand what I mean and he wants me to be okay so bad that he is willing to except any benign results without questioning it. I will update everyone when I get a decision.