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My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in june of this year. Stage 4 He was operated on August 11 of this year. They ended up taking out 60% of his colon and 27 lymph nodes also removed a tumor. His surgery went well i was able to be thier for that and to help my mom also. Now he is doing 6 months of chemo one treatment every other week. The thing is i talk to my mom often but i live so far away. What happends after chemo? i dont understand everything that he is going threw cuz im not thier. can someone answer my questions? thanks for listining......


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    Just want to say that I'm sorry about your dad, but it sounds like you're a wonderful, caring daughter, so he's lucky to have so much support. Others who have been through all the chemo, etc. will surely chime in to answer your question.

    Please come often and let us know how your dad is doing.

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    It depends....
    ....on how the cancer responds to the chemo....

    Can you get permission from your dad to telephone his oncologist? This is a legal thing, even tho you are his daughter. It might make you feel better to speak directly to him/her. Write down your questions before the call, just so you don't take up too much time.

    I would start by saying something like "My dad is a patient of yours, and because I am so far away, I have some questions that would put my mind at ease...."

    Another suggestion would be to schedule a trip to see mom and dad, making sure that there is a doctor's appointment scheduled at that time, and go with them to the appointment. Again, have your questions ready in advance. On that list would be "What happens next?".

    Hugs, Kathi