Lower Back Pain Almost 2 years out

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DX in Feb. 2007, had chemoradiation, colon resection, 6 months of Folfox. I'm pretty much done, NED, movin' on. My CT scans have picked up diminishing scar tissue on my spine from the radiation. I have been having mild lower back pain for about a year, and the past few days, it got kind of bad. Anyone experience this? Was it scar tissue?


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    had lower back pain too at one time

    First, of all, I know it's hard to not jump to conclusions. A few months back, my lower back/spine was hurting so much that I was often near tears with it. My first thought was that the cancer had metastasized to my bones in that location. I had a bone scan. It found everything normal, except for "likely degenerative disease" (arthritis)in my sacral region. It then suggested a followup MRI of the area. I had the MRI a week and a half later and, interestingly, my pain disappeared the day before the MRI and the MRI found nothing at all. I haven't had any pain since, so I don't know what it actually was!
    You should definitely not put off having it checked, because if there is something there you want to catch it early- but... try not to freak out too much- it could be due to something else- maybe even pinched nerves- who knows!

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    Back Pain
    Hi Starleen! Sounds like you may possibly have what i have. My history is rectal cancer dianosis Aug 07, chemorads, surgery, finished adjuvant chemo in Aug 08. I began having severe back pain during my radiation treatments that progressed until June 08 when i could barely walk anymore without excruciating pain. My primary thought i had arthrits, and ordered an x-ray. I asked for an orthopod when the results came back positive for arthritis and mild osteoporosis. If i hadn't gone to the orthopod, i never would have found out that my osteoporosis is severe...off the chart at -3.9. Orthopedist suspected bone metastasis and ordered an MRI. Find out it wasn't cancer...phew! However, i had a pretty bad fracture in my sacrum, and my bones are so soft i risk breaking in half if i bend over.

    The pain has lessened, but it's still there, and i can actually feel how bad the break is at times since it's worse on the left hip. That hip pops painfully a lot. This is considered a rare side effect of radiation, but it's happening more and more. Moral of story...Never poopoo anything. Our bodies have greatly changed since our treatments, and everything must be followed through to conclusion.

    Insist on an orthopedist.
    Many hugs,