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i am 29 and diagnosed with medullary with mets to lungs. no one has explained anything to me and all i know is online research. i'm scared and it appears there's not much treatment for this type. can anyone shed any light on this? thank you.


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    Hang in there
    I can't say I know anything about your cancer because mine is papillary thyroid but I found a book that explains each of the different types of thyroid cancer and much much more. You can't buy it in book stores anymore but if you get on they have it and can mail it to you. The book is called, The Thyroid Cancer Book by M. Sara Rosenthal, Ph.D.
    I drove myself crazy when I was first diagnosed in October with searching the internet for information, if I had this book right from the start it would have been so much better. Sometimes I think the internet gives too much information. This author explains it all in a language that you can understand. I highly recommend it.
    Come join the chatroom as well. Even if not everyone in there has thyroid cancer they have some form of cancer, or have survived and in remission, or they are a caregiver to someone with cancer. I found that when I am depressed talking about it with those in the chatroom understand more than my own family because they know the fight you are up against unlike family who has not had cancer. Most importantly know that each individual person is different, don't take the stats to heart because there are those that beat the statistics. Remember be strong and believe in yourself. You are in for the fight of your life and there will be good and bad times but you can fight and beat this devil that has entered your life.

    Take care and many prayers being sent your way.
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    MTC diagnosis
    As a MTC patient, I have found a great deal of help and support with Yahoo group MTC at
    There are over 1000 members all with MTC. Although we don't have all the answers, there is a large number of us who have the same fears as you. The group has helped me on many occasions. Good Luck - Tom
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    thanks cindy and tom
    thank you for your input. and tom, i did get on that mtc support site and got several responses already. thanks guys!
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    erikajade said:

    thanks cindy and tom
    thank you for your input. and tom, i did get on that mtc support site and got several responses already. thanks guys!

    1980's Saturday Night Live Comedian Joe Piscopo Had Medullar

    I just wanted to let you know that 1980's Saturday Night Live comedian Joe Piscopo had Medullary thyroid cancer the size of an egg, but it was fully encapsulated and he had it at age 30 in 1981, I just saw him on TV and he looks great! Yours can hopefully be successfuly treated too!