Aborted Robotic Surgery

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After 2 months of anxious waiting, my prostatectomy surgery via the Davinci Robot was scheduled for yesterday at Penn Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia with Dr. David Lee at the controls. I entered the operating room at 12 Noon and was told the surgery would take approximately 3 hours. I was awoken at 2:36 with the bad news that my surgery had to be aborted. Unfortunately, adhesions from an old appendectomy prevented Dr. Lee from getting good access to the prostate. He said there was high risk of damage to the colon. I now face a radical prostatectomy. Has anyone out there had this experience? If so, what did you do?

Charlie Fenstermaker
Fogelsville, PA


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    Aborted Surgery
    Aloha Charlie,
    Try posting your question on
    A lot of people visit the site. Good chance that someone else has been there, done that.