Cholangiocarcinoma, new patient

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I had a liver biopsy on 10/30 and the final results were discussed yesterday with my doctor. He confirmed cholangiocarcinoma. I will meet with the oncologist 12/4 to discuss treatment options. I have had cronic active hepatitis for over 20 years. Because of this there is a lot of cirrous. Surgery and transplantation are not going to be an option.

The doctor told me if I respond to the treatments I could have two or three years. If there is no response I would be looking at six months.

Needless to say that I am not sure what to do or where to turn. My most pressing concerns are finanical. Do I apply for disability, etc. Are there any programs that can help?

Any advice, suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.



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    Cholangio Carcinoma
    Just got started w/ acs yesterday. Saw your note from November. I start Chemo & Rad on12-22-08 for same Cancer. Treat me to an update of how your treatment is going. I'm outside of Phila. Pa and being treated at the Univ. of Penn. Hosp.
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    You don't mention which part of the country you are living or how old you are, but I assume you are not yet on Medicare. In Texas, you can apply for Medicaid, but your personal possessions have to be next to nothing. A quick call to the state welfare office should answer that for you.
    Your doctor should have a list of any studies you can be on and suggested those already. If not, this site has that service for you. God Bless,
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    applying for benefits
    I appied for social security benefits. They sent a ton of paperwork that I was not able to do. I got a caseworker from SS on the phone and they were able to do the whole thing on the phone. As soon as it was found the cancer had metastised they approved it. This will also get you the medical card and food stamp card. It is not an easy process to work through, The department of human services has caseworkers also that can help you with this process, this is where the medical card and food stamps come from, and they work with Social Security. The medical card was a blessing as by then I was uninsured and tapped out. When you are so sick every little bit you can get is a blessing and takes some of the burden off. You can also ask the office at your hospital that deals with helping with medical expenses, mine had a woman at the office that helped me also. My phone company AT+T had a program called lifeline that reduces your phone bill, mine is $10.50 a month without long distance, I use a phone card for that. Also there is local program called HEAP which can help with electric/heating, and AEP works with them on a program called PIP- paying only a percentage of your income towards the bill. Like I said every little bit helps. If you get lucky you will get a good caseworker at the Dept. of Human Services and get some help quickly. Wishing you the best. Pam