How long does it take

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I had my left lung removed complete in May of 2006.
I still can not touch the front side of my chest from the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my boob.
I know we are all different . I did the chemo carbo an taxol it took its tole .
I have done a lot of different Meds none of them seem to work the pain Meds hide it but nothing seems make it go away.
I get a lot of pain sometimes in the middle of my chest I dont know if it is because of the surgery or what.
I have a lot of blood problems Crp is High sed rate is high I guess the chemo did it but every Doc they send me to says You are healed ,the chemo should be out of your system.
They are telling me now I have severe rumitoid arthrits.So they have me taking Prednisone an methotrexate for 3 months an I still feel the same Like I have a bad case of the flu.
Any way I was wondering if anyone has had a complete lung removed an how long did it take to get better?????