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My father had his upper left lobe removed 2-1/2 months ago. He is 75. His surgeon explained it can take up to six months to feel better but, instead, he seems to be getting more fatigued, with less of a desire to eat. Can anyone let me know if they (or their loved one) has experienced same. If so, how long did it last?


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    If all he had was surgery, then I think he should be getting better rather than worse. At his age there are lots of things that could be going on. My father-in-law has a habit of losing his appetite every time he goes off of the meds (especially the moraphine) that they give him for pain relief after surgery. We learned the hard way to call the doctor to get the medicine that will settle his stomach and make him hungry again. Depression often kicks in when folks are diagnosed with cancer. Doctors have medicines for that too. Support groups also work wonders on depression and fear. The number of age-related illnesses that can cause loss of appetite and fatigue is staggering. Yes, cancer is one of those illnesses, but it is far from the only one. You might want to contact his regular physician sooner rather than later to check out all those other possibilities and get some help. Good luck!

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