Chemo is a go!!

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♫♪♫ Singing for Joy ♫♪♫ If Medicare doesn't cover the chemo the drug company will. I never knew one could be so happy about getting a drug that makes one so sick. Kind of crazy huh? But it does extend one's life here. Anyway had to share the good news.

They do still bill medicare and also do the whole appeal thing, so will be interesting to see if it is covered at the end by medicare or through compassionate use. Just so happy I can't believe it.

Had to share the good news. Thanks for being here for me during my crazy times, and even when I am not so crazy. Prayers ♥ Hugs Bonnie


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    Bonnie this is such good news. It is truly a shame what they put people through! I think that when someone has cancer they should be given every chance there is to extend their life without any worries about money. I have just received a demand notice for the $31,000 that I still owe the hospital for the first surgery and 4 rounds of chemo that the bogus insurance I had been sold would not cover! I'm glad that the drug company will cover you if Medicare won't. I have had 2 friends be given the chemo you are about to have for 2 different types of cancer with good results. Good luck.

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    Bonnie, thanks for sharing the good news. Praying that it goes well with minimal side effects. You are a trail blazer!

    Many blessings to you today,
    in Japan
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    I just posted on CaringBridge but have to say again, PTL! So many have been praying that the Lord will intervene to enable you to try this option. We are grateful for answered prayer. And now we will come together in agreement that He will see you through these treatments, so that you will enjoy renewed health and strength. We'll all be anxiously awaiting to hear how you're doing, once you're able to drop us a line.
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    Bonnie, what great news and answered prayer!! I'm so excited for you. "The joy that the Lord gives you will make you strong." Nehemiah 8:10. So now we will pray that the dose of chemo has little in the way of side effects as our focus. You made my day. I am headed to our church for a meeting of cancer survivors to hear a report from a local oncologist on new research and treatments. Will keep you posted if I hear anything new. Keep smiling, friend. ((Hugs and Prayers)) Saundra
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    Way to go Bonnie. What awesome news. We are all praying for you and prayers do come true!! Please keep us posted on how things work out.I'm so happy for you.
    Hugs,Prayers and Love,
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    Excellent news Bonnie,I'm so happy for you...forgive me but which chemo are you gonna start?? Sending ((Hugz)))~~~Joanne
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    floridajo said:

    Excellent news Bonnie,I'm so happy for you...forgive me but which chemo are you gonna start?? Sending ((Hugz)))~~~Joanne

    Absolutely thrilled for you, Bonnie!!!!!!! Love and lots of hugs, MM
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    Bonnie, I'm happy for your good news! And I'm praying with the others that side effects will be little and results BIG!

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    I am rejoicing with you right now. Actually dancing with joy (well, tapping my feet as I type). God does answer prayer.

    And I will share my news on a new topic after I post this.

    In His Grip,
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    Fantastic news! You do have to develop a weird sense of humor when you're happy to take something that makes you sick! Good luck, and I really hope this helps for a loooooong time!
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    great news
    What better news could there be at this point in time? I've been thinking of you so often and trying to rack my brain of who else we could contact to get this to be a go. I am so HAPPY for you. Again, you continue to amaze me. The lesson we all need to remember is the you have to try every avenue - the worse thing they can say is no - but at least you tried.

    My thoughts are right there with everyone else - take good care and let us know how everything is going. Big hugs to you Bonnie!

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    Great News

    I'm so glad to hear that this burden has been lifted from you! I had some cause for anxiety when we started getting billed for tumor testing that was done after my surgery. Although I had approved it, it was never used to adjust my chemo in any way. After much protest and re-submitting to the insurance company, the invoice stopped coming. We felt it was inappropriate that my oncologist is/was involved with the company, and I'm glad we did the research to bring that to light.

    Enjoy your happy time!