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I know where to come when I'm feeling overwhelmed and you ladies are it. I need some GOD info...that stands for Good Orderly Direction since my emotions are getting the best of me. I had a double mas June 18 with expanders put in at the time of surgery. Didn't think I needed radiation but turns out I did. Finished radiation October 8. I was so looking forward to getting rid of these concrete blocks in my chest and moving on with the implants. My skin has healed very well. I have a bit of tenderness on the side of my one breast but nothing severe. I'm back to exercising and yoga. My plastic surgeon said that the basic rule is to wait one month for every week of radiation before doing more surgery and the implants. Do these Drs not understand what a life time feels like?! That will take be back to the time when this whole aweful ordeal started. I feel like I'm just chasing myself ragged in a circle. It's like being on the not so merry merry go round while everything else just seems to continue on it's way and pass me by. The radiation oncologist feels my healing process is going well and would let the surgeon know that perhaps that a bit sooner would be OK. I'm hoping for a "spring fling". My birthday is the first day of spring and I think that would be a great gift but how will I make it until then? How will I look at 2009 not being a New Year but just a continuation of this same bad year?


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    Good orderly direction...
    You can think of 2009 as a NEW survivor year! here's a couple thoughts for whole living....1. worst-case thinking makes life harder. Expect things to go smoothly for a change. 2. food isn't just fuel; it has the power to heal. 3. Breathe deeply. Healthly, strong lungs fan the flames of well-being.

    in my journey my milestones were: last chemo treatment on my b-day, helped with the birth of my granddaughter, last rad treatment- hopped on a plane to see my love.

    Sending calm and healing vibes,
    Cindie from GA
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    Why not decide for yourself
    Why not decide for yourself when your new year is going to start. Plan a big party for the week or two after you get your implants. Call it New Years. Have champagne and wear a low cut gown! Maybe it will give you something to look forward too as you finish up this stage and something that will mark a new stage at a time when you need it, not when it happens to fall on the calendar. Best wishes! Love, Joyce
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    We are with you!!!!!
    Oh sweetie~ we so empathize with you! We know how thankful we are supposed to be, and how far we have come, and that treatment is behind us, and we have friends and family, etc etc etc. What we don't always have is our emotional balance where we want it to be. Joycelouise recently addressed that feeling herself. I was going to say it is a phenomenon, but it is probably more common among us than not. It reminds me of the saying: "Who are we trying to convince, them, or ourselves"? And whereas we don't want to risk even seeming ungrateful that we are alive, and can still experience what good things Life After Cancer has to offer, it sometimes takes our heart and mind a bit longer to work in sync with our bodies. something seemingly selfish! Whatever your personal box is, Step Outside Of It! If you don't get pedicures, get one! Wear flourescent polish~ orange or purple!!

    Your Spring Fling will come to be...and it can be any month/day of the year you chose! Spring is rebirth, yes? Re-awaken your beautiful spirit; we rejoice with you.

    Just a thought, how long does it generally take a woman's body to get back to "normal" after giving birth? Or having a C-section? Babies---something natural and joyful that many women experience in their lives, and yet~ are we running marathons a week later? or not tired? cranky?or scared? Why do we expect MORE of our bodies/psyche following cancer treatment than we do following childbirth? Of course we want it all to be in our past, and we want to speed up the healing process, but everything takes time...and your timing seems perfectly on schedule to me. ((((((HUGS))))))))

    Find joy in the small things~ the large ones will be there as well.

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    How wonderful, how comforting your responses are! Tonight when I go to my yoga class and we are asked to think of dedicating our practice to someone, you are all on the list. namesta
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    dbs1673 said:

    How wonderful, how comforting your responses are! Tonight when I go to my yoga class and we are asked to think of dedicating our practice to someone, you are all on the list. namesta

    Missed my yoga class tonight
    Missed my yoga class tonight due to going for a pesky herceptin drip. But I will namaste you next time I go! For those not hooked on yoga, Namaste has a beautiful meaning. It means "the divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you". We do it at the end of class with hands in prayer position and the thumbs touching the heart center from where we are all connected. love, Joyce