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I go for a biopsy in two days could anyone tell me if this is painful or what to expect from this?


  • Mr Taipei
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    Biopsy isn't particularly painful. Is it a biopsy under general anaesthetic or just a needle test? My wife had a neck biopsy done under general anaesthetic a few months ago and it went fine. She just needed a few days off to recuperate, and got a bit sick from the general anaesthetic - no big shakes though. If it's a needle test, it just feels like an injection.

    They'll take the biopsy and analyse it in pathology. Keep in touch, would like to hear how it goes for you - fingers crossed you get a good outcome.
  • scrummy3
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    Short answer is it depends on where it is and how they go for it. Ask your primary care doctor (or surgeon) about pain management and side effects.

    That said, I've had two node biopsies and am going for a third in about two weeks. I have no concerns about pain. My two previous surgeries went fine - one done via laparoscopy to harvest nodes in the midsection and one done via regular surgery to get a node in the neck. Both were minimally invasive, so recovery time was short. If it is done via laparoscopy, you may be out the same day.

    In terms of pain, mine was minor and managed by Tylenol w/codeine, Percocet, or the like. Only issue I found is that pain meds can sometimes have a "binding" effect on the gut. May need a mild laxative or the like.

    Everyone is different, so I can't stress enough the importance of sharing concerns with your primary care provider or surgeon before and after surgery. They can help allay fears and address any side effects. If something doesn't feel right or you have a concern, give them a shout.

    Best of luck. Will be thinking of you.