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Good morning, day or evening all!!!

I write this discussion topic as a first time poster/blogger/etc. I'm not sure where to start. I am cancer free. At the age of 29 I am blessed to say that. My passion though lies within this horrific disease. I am a school counselor by trade, but that is not my life calling. I have been given life to help protect life. I am a mid-west dreamer with goals more lofty then I can currently imagine. I want help make a difference but need your help. How can I best get word out regarding a proactive company I started this summer called: Protect the Package. ??? I am looking for ideas. If you visit you can read up on what the company is about. If you feel I'm just trying to make a sale, please don't visit. After looking the site over, please email me with your ideas (my contact info is on the website). I need your help so I can be a better help to current and future cancer patients. Thank you, John