Worried...could use some hlep please!

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Hi all, Im new to this site and I wont go into my whole story as its long and very complicated!!!

But Im about to have my third round of RAI and I have now been off my medication for 2 1/2 week and other than cold i dont feel like i have the past three times i was off it. In the past i was practically passed out constantly and felt horrible. This time however Im no more tired than the average single mum of three kids under 6!!!

Last scan done at treatment #2 showed a large uptake in the base of the Thyroid so either its residual tissue still(which the docs assured me they got all the Thyroid) or cancer grown back/spread.

My concern is that im not feeling super hyperthyroid and wondering if that indicates there is something in there...

probably just a bit of a wait and see thing i suppose but as a single mother of three young kids i dont wanna find out that my levels are not low enough and treatment has to be delayed cause honestly, we have all had enough of it!!

Think i just wanted to vent that out to people who would understand!


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    Hi Kath,
    I hear you, I am sitting here waiting to do my tests to see if my thyroid cancer has returned and if so, where in my body. I have a 9 year old. I will not know the results for 3 weeks, so I have decided that I am going to do crazy fun things for the next few weeks and get my mind off of it. We can't do anything about it, till we are told and then that is when we fight.....so go play with your kids, everyday we have with them is important to their memories.