Radiofrequency Ablation

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Does anyone have experience with Radiofrequency Ablation for lung cancer.
My husband had a nodule treated with RFA and has had some problems that have resulted in his being in the hospital for 6 days and counting. At the time the abltion sounds like a good idea vs surgery however given all the problems he has had I don't think he would do this again. Is there anyone out there with any experience ?
Thank You


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    Take a load off Annie

    I wish I had some answers for you, but I do not. Please know that you and the militant one are in the thoughts of so many people, and that as every day he spends in the hospital passes, I wonder whether a nurse has slapped him silly yet :).

    I cannot recall the names of those who have asked that I pass on prayers to your family at this juncture, there are so many (two :)). I'M SORRY, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!! :)

    Seriously, I know of only one case where RFA was used, and it was by the guy on the National Public Radio blog, Leroy Seivers (the spelling of the last name may be suspect). While he did not make it, ultimately, his cancer was different, and you may want to look through that blog, into its archive, to see what he had to say about his RFA treatments and how they affected him. That is the best I can do, Annie, other than reciting web stuff that you have already checked out yourself, if I know you.

    His health is my great concern, and yours is next in line. Take care of yourself, my sweet friend, and give my best to your husband.

    If I can make it a month in the hospital, he can certainly survive a couple more of their dinners while they figure this out!

    Again, take care, and give my greatest regards to your hub.

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    I Sorta Know
    I don't know the experience personally but my mother had RFA done on a nodule in February.
    I think that it really depends on the health condition that he's in, and how his lung function is. My mom has COPD and they had to abort her first treatment because she started to get a pneumothorax, but the second time proved successful for at least six months. It's less invasive, and it beats being put on the operating table and having a higher risk under the knife than getting a tumor zapped.