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Just wanted to let all of you know that today I am very happy: although I have been complaining to this board that my hair is growing in thinly and slowly, my husband (who never gives compliments unless he means them) said that my hair is actually stylish and doesn't look mannish the way I thought. Another friend said it also looks stylish, so I decided to believe them and ditch the wig once and for all! I feel like I have graduated (although as I am writing this, my husband came over and said that my hair is curly in back and not in front, which is true, but he thinks it's cute!). I wonder what it will be like to go to work on Monday with no wig - what were others' experiences with this?

But more importantly, I saw my oncologist today and he said I am doing well. I'm in a clinical trial where they give me Zometa (a drug they believe prevents recurrence in early stage bc patients). I was aware that some people in the trial get bone scans, so I asked when I am going to get the scan, and the research nurse told me no scans are planned for me because the stage of my cancer was so low (stage I). This also made me feel good: like they don't think my cancer is going to come back.

Anyway, just wanted to share my happiness with you. Ditching the wigs and scarves is making me feel great! Ohilly


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    Ohilly, how wonderful! I know exactly how you feel, ditching the wig is such a freeing feeling. I am quite sure you are lookin fine! When i first went back to work without my wig I was oh so scared! No problem, everyone was happy for me and i got a lot of positive comments. Anyway, I am thrilled for you and happy your onco appointment went well.

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    Thanks for sharing your encouraging, happy news!!!!! This is one time we are so please to be able to say "We Told You So"!!!! Hoooray!!!!

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    I was also afraid

    I was also afraid going back to work. First, I did not wear a wig at all, between the hats and bandanas I felt Ok. I work for a financial institution so my customer's first reaction was very encouraging. For the most part they were asking "What happened?", then all the survivors came out of the woods, I never knew how many of them were outthere, they became closer to me and some of the ones who were distant in the past, even hugged me. Moving along to ditching the bandanas...I was petrified...and so Monday came and again my customers wanted to know what happened, they were happy my hair was groing and everyone thought it was stylist and oh yes...I still get hugs from all my survivors friends....One thing..earings, if you are an earing person go crazy. Everyone tells me I should wear big dangling earings but it's not me.

    Good luck to you Monday

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    Congratulations for your
    Congratulations for your visit with the doctor and the good news: YOU ARE DOING WELL!!! How we value those words, no?
    Regarding your hair, I want to tell you: GO GIRL!!! I wish I would feel "strong" enough to go without the wig, but I'm not ready yet. I think it will take at least one more month.
    I remember reading before your postings regarding your slow-growing hair, and look at you now, I'm so happy for you.
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    I am happy with you, Ohilly.
    I am happy with you, Ohilly. Sometimes people asked me if I cut my hair when I had it really short. I answered, no, I grew it! I bet you look darling...love, Joyce
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    Thanks for sharing your
    Thanks for sharing your great news Ohilly. I bet you look stunning with your new do. Love, Lili
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    I recall people liking my new short hair when it started to come back as well. So glad you are on the up swing! Sheila