Fallopian Cancer

In June of 2007 at the age of 40 I was diagnosed with Fallopian cancer (stage 3), I had a full hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy. My doctor told me "aggressive cancer, aggressive chemotherapy" and through it all my doctor was wonderful. It has been one year since my treatment has ended. So far everything is good. I always wondered when my life would go back to where it was, but it never does, life is changed forever. What does not kill you makes you stronger, when you think you cannot take any more, you may surprise yourself. I just wanted to post a message for anyone going through this type of cancer or any other cancer, I wish you well, try to stay positive. It was not always easy to say the least, I consider myself fortunate, there are many others who have worse than myself, but please remember you have the right to your emotions and feelings. God bless my mother for having to watch her daughter struggle and not being able to help, but little did she know, her being there was the help I needed. My husband and my loving dog by my side. Surround yourself with positive and not negative. Always trust your gut instinct, you have the right to choose!
Today is another day, it is not just an average day, it is better than that, I am here to love the ones who love me and to care for the ones who care for me.
Be good to yourself
Bless you all!!