artifical spincter vs bladder removal ???

clinton dean
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please help.
what to expect, how has it helped? what side effects? if it the right decision vs bladder removal,even though it may only last 3 to 5 years' how do you get through the ups and downs of what to do? I keep arguing with myself to keep or remove and the pros and cons of both procedures,and you, I, just don't know, is this normal? the bladder damage is from radiation. how has this affected your life, job,hobbies,sex life? any comments or insight appreciated.


  • shipjim
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    Have you talked to a 2nd surgeon about all this? I don't know any answers but I'd sure find talk to. Do you live near a big city, often there are speciality clinics like the Ford in Cleveland, or Sloan Kettering where you can get good info. Also, often your insurance has a cancer nurse dept who can help. Good luck, keep posting so we know how you're doing.