Celiac's Disease and Lymphoma

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Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has lymphoma and celiac's disease or a gluten intolerance as well.


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    This is kind of off-topic,but you might find it helpful.
    My sister has leukemia(she's in remission and preparing for a transplant now) and she used to have a mild case of gluten intolerance, but now it is full blown celiac.
    Her doctor told us that the chemo basically fries all of the fast growing cells, including the intestines, which exacerbates gluten intolerance and celiac's disease. I've been trying to get in touch with survivors, and it seems like a lot of them became gluten intolerant after therapy. For some it was a short-term thing only, but some are still severely gluten intolerant.
    If you have problems getting in touch with gluten-intolerant people who were recently diagnosed with lymphoma, you might want to try getting in touch with long-term survivors who have probably experienced gluten intolerance at one point or another.
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    lymphoma and celiac
    I have both and firmly believe they are related. Since I haven't been eating gluten (10 months), I haven't felt better for decades. I think my gluten intolerence evolved into NHL and figure that not eating gluten is making me better. Last week I had my quarterly blood tests and everything was "in range" - including the LDH