myofacial pain syndrome

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I had a mastectomy in which muscles and nerves were cut, no reconstruction. As a result of this surgery, I now suffer shoulder and neck pain. P/T and yoga are helping. I am unable to wear bra with straps. Any type of bra strap causes the muscles to spasm. Would love to chat with someone familiar with this situation.


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    How long?
    How long ago was your surgery?
    I had a radical mastectomy in 1986 and another in 1988.
    Had the same problems with neck and upper back pain and spasms, but they did get better over time. Not entirely back to where I was before surgery, but then I am lots of years older now too. (60 now, was 38 at first diagnosis). But I can live and function very reasonably as long as I use common sense about lifting and over-extending myself on any given day.
    I found the no-weight foam prosthesis to be much easier to tolerate for some time after surgery, but now I can wear a bra with the weighted silicone kind if I choose....when I choose to wear one at
    Don't be discouraged. Time is a wonderful healer.
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    My mas. caused limited
    My mas. caused limited movement (very) at first, but now that it has been almost a year I can do most of the yoga. Some side twists with the mas. arm out bring a pull. But, it did get a lot better for me. I hope you will soon be down doggin with ease! love, JOyce