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Please read my post on 'seroma advice desperate' so I won't have to repeat the background of this problem. However, I wanted to ad something to this post, in which I wrote that I was concerned that not only was I experiencing fluid build-up on the side of my most recent mastectomy in my back (apparently a common complication of mastectomy and especially lat flap reconstruction), but I was particularly concerned because I noticed fluid build up in my back on the other side where I had previously had another mastectomy. Well, I figured out why fluid is building up in the 'old mastectomy' side of my back after doing research on the internet: a few weeks ago I had an accident in which I slid all the way down the stairs on my back. I wasn't too concerned because I seemed okay, but now I realize it probably caused trauma to the site, hence the fluid build-up. So at least I know the cause, but I'm still very anxious about what can be done to both sides of my back to reduce the fluid build-up. I have an appt. with my doctor on Tuesday, but so far they're just telling me to wear a compression garment and wait for it to be re-absorbed into the body. Just waiting is making me extremely anxious - I feel like it will never resolve on its own, and now that I figured out that my sliding down the stairs caused fluid build-up on the other side, I'm blaming myself and feeling guilty that I caused my own problem. I hope you can follow all this. I feel really anxious, and it doesn't help that my doctor is not very communicative (I called his answering service, but I just got a message back to go to the ER if I couldn't wait till my appointment). Any advice from others who have gone thru this would be appreciated. The seroma isn't painful, but I read on one internet site that taking anti inflammatories such as Motrin and using icepacks could decrease the fluid build-up? Ohilly


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    I don't have a solution
    I don't have a solution ohilly because I have not gone through this. But I am praying that the problem will resolve itself soon for you. Hang in there. If you are really anxious about it I would go to the er if I were you. eil
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    Ohilly, I haven't had this
    Ohilly, I haven't had this problem and so can't offer any useful advice. But I do want to offer one thing. Definetely you should treat this anyway you and your doctors decide. I want to suggest that there is a third party involved. YOur body! Our bodies can be amazing healing machines, working away at even the cellular level to help out. When they do all that work, we say that time healed us! It helps me to pause sometimes and thank my body for its hard work (I think of little miniature workmen, with hardhats on, schlepping fluids, rebuilding walls, etc). I am sending good thoughts your way that your body will be able, with necessary medical help, to get you back up and dancing! love, Joyce
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    swelling,drains,and don't worry
    I signed up just to reply,hoping my drain experience will help you.

    Had 4 after breast reconstruct,and after the ones in my abdomen came out,I puffed up like a beach ball and had to have another one inserted (no pain) and kept in for several weeks.

    The Doc also drained my tummy once with a hyperdermic,again,no pain. In fact,adding,draining,removing never hurt a bit.

    Tell them you want a new drain and stick to your guns! No need to be more miserable than you already are........

    If either of your arms are swollen,it's lymphedema,and you need to prop up with the arm (or arms) raised above the level of your heart. Do Not Do Any Other Treatment. Lymphedema is a strange condition,and the above info comes from a lymph site.

    I hope the MD will be kind and get that newest fluid out one way or another. If you've had difficulty dealing with this medical practice,take a friend,parent,anyone who will fight for you.

    Good luck,