Has anyone tried or considered Acupuncture or Hypnotism?

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Hello, Ladies,

I'm just curious as to whether or not acupuncture or hynotism might be helpful in keeping the cancer away, and helping to control the stress and side effects.

Has anyone looked into this, or tried this?

Love & Prayers to all~
~Susan xoxo


  • ColleenN
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    Hi Susan,

    I haven't tried acupuncture in relation to cancer/chemo, but I have tried it for other things. I have a couple of discs in my neck that are breaking down causing pain down my neck, left shoulder and arm all the way to my finger tips. I tried radio freq. ablation where they go in and burn the nerves which helped with the pain for awhile, but left hypersensitivity and itching in spots for over two years. Finally I tried acupunture. After the first visit, the hypersensitivity and itching were gone. The pain has somewhat returned at times (I really don't want to go in for another radio freq.), but going in for a maintainence appointment usually takes care of it for several weeks, even months. It's done wonders for me. One thing to consider though is that your onc. may not want you doing this. Mine doesn't want me doing any acupuncture until I'm done with chemo. I'd guess due to breaking the skin with the tiny needles. Even though they use alchohol and sterile needles, any break in the skin can be a risk. Good luck!

  • Susan523
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    Thank you, Colleen!
    Hello, and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I also had tried acupuncture for menstual cramps years ago, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. But I think maybe it could help with the Neuropathy (?) So I'm checking into it with my insurance company.

    Good point about not doing acupuncture while on chemo. It makes sense; like you said, the risk of infection. But I'm in remission right now (finshed IP Chemo in mid-April), and my Dr. said it's 'okay'. Saw him yesterday, in fact.

    Thank you, and take care of yourself.

    ~Susan xoxo