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I was recently diagnosis with Prostate cancer, (just a week ago).
I have my first appt Nov 3rd and will get all the details then.
I currently live in Florida, but work out of state, so I opted to
be given my results over the phone. So far it hasn’t impacted me
emotionally, I just want to get it taken care of ASAP and get on with
my life.
My PSA was 3.5 back in Feb when I had my first biopsy which was negative, then
6 months afterward my PSA went up to 4.5. My second biopsy was positive
with a score of 6. I can't remember anything the doctor told me over the
phone, all I heard was cancer and bla bla bla.
My doctor performs with the Da Vinci robotic system, which I hear is the way to go.
I don’t have all the details at this time to share, but I’m sure I will be back online
picking everyone’s brain for info.

For reference, my doctor is Frank D. Mastandrea, Advanced Urology of Tampa Florida.
His web site is, if anyone has heard
of his work, please let me know.

ps: I hope this is covered by insurance.


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    your diagnosis
    No.1 is to write down questions for you doctor so you can ask when you see him. It's easy to forget things since docs always seem in a rush, but you are the patient paying them so make sure any issue you have is explained to your full understanding.
    Prostate cancer is common, far too common, but luckily is usually slow growing however it can move quickly, so have yourself checked asap. PSA is just an indicator, your urologist will probably want to to a biopsy since that is the only certain way. Just demand some type of pain relief before the procedure. It's not all that bad but 'discomfort' is not how I would describe it.
    Anyway find as much information on your own as you can. All of this is confusing but info is out there on the Web. A book by Dr. Patrick Walsh 'guide to surviving prostate cancer' has a great deal of information. He's probably the No. 1 prostate doc in the world, and is a professor at Johns Hopkins. There are many treatments available and if caught early it can be cured. Just get started soon as you can.
    I waited way too long myself and am terminal, on hormonal palliative therapy now. I have become a self-taught expert over the last few months. I'll be glad to help you anyway I can
    you can post here or write
    Good luck, Larry
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    Thank you very much for the advice. I have prepared a list of questions
    for my appt on the 3rd. I will keep you posted.
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    gcapaz said:

    Thank you very much for the advice. I have prepared a list of questions
    for my appt on the 3rd. I will keep you posted.

    finding out
    don't wait for your doctors to contact you. I had a psa of 1.1 (from a physical) and wasn't feeling right a couple of months later. My doc ordered another blood test after I called him over and over about not 'feeling right'. That test came back at 1.9 psa to which my doc said everything is fine don't worry. When I pressed him about the fact that my psa had risen by more than 70% in a couple of months he then ordered a biopsy. Guess what- I had prostate cancer and had cancerous cells in about 75% of the biopsies. Be agressive about your treatment- do NOT lean on what your doc's say. Listen to it, but go with your heart/gut.
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    Aloha Gpapc,
    Please take your time in making the decision as to what method of treatment to use. Your decision should be based on information from your doctor. You should try to get opinions from at least 2 doctors, oncologists.
    There is a lot of info on the net, but your decision must be from what your doctors tell you. Most of the time you need to press the issue as the doc's have never been on your side of the cancer statement. You should spend plenty of time face to face with your doctors, make them answer all your questions. Any treatment you chose will have side effects, some are minor, other side effects will be with you the rest of your life.
    A good web site for info is
    You can post any questions, and some one will answer. These people are survivors, they have been there and done that.
    Most web info will cause you worry and doubt and you will wind up with more questions than answers. You do need some sort of support group, preferably a partner, minister, close friends. And you need to discuss your decision with your support group.
    If you have the coverage, you should also seek therapy.
    Most prostate cancer survivors have lots of anxiety and anxiety/depression are the same bedroom. If your partner is close to you, they will also go through what you are going through.
    Keep the faith & hope,
    Joe 67 Hamakua Coast Hawaii